Interactive Design Consultant.

"Design is not a career, is lifestyle"

Who Am I?

Live more with less. Choose a job you love, then you'll never work a day in your life. Being a traveler is better than being an older. This is how I live.

Art Bachelor. 2 Art Diplomas. 1 Management Lisence. 1 Management Master (present). +7 Years of experience. +11 Company. From +25 Country. 17 Country visited. +13 Hobby. 4 Lunguages. +7 Specialites. +21 Industry. +51 Tool. +60 Client, Nike one of ‘em.

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I create Interfaces & Brands that people love. Check some of 'em.

Polar Bear

Digital Art




Digital Art




Digital Art

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Some of Clients

Who I have work with

Wahib, he's a master icon designer, he made a pack of great high quality icons for us in a few days. I can highly recommend his services.

Roy Moss, Inspiro

Anspiro, Norway

By using his skills, we were honored, he's good in understanding the ideas and apply them appropriately, so I was impressed with the design from the first time, I really advise anyone to benefit from his talent.


Unidad S.A.R.L, Morocco

A gifted, and carrying within him the abilities of a great artist, he amazed us with his touches. I worked with him in several projects & he characterized by his high ethics & distinguished treatment, plus, he doesn't tire of your requests.

Mohammad AL-Yaqout, S&IS OE Coordinator

Aramco, Saudi Arabia

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